Massage for Dogs and Cats

My long history of loving and caring for animals began while growing up in West Seattle. I served as the caretaker of my family’s and neighbor’s pets. I also focused on rescuing abandoned and abused animals.

At 19, I started working with animals at Rainier Veterinary Hospital. Twenty years of experience at Rainier Vet gave me invaluable insights in assisting animals to heal.


I earned a bachelors degree in Zoology from the University of Washington. I studied the anatomy and physiology of animals in depth. My educational training has greatly increased my effectiveness as a small animal massage therapist.

In 1996, I went to Seattle Massage School and trained as a massage therapist. That training allowed me to help humans with chronic pain for over 20 years.

In 2004, I was introduced to Hydrotherapy Massage for dogs. My sister’s dog, Remy, required rehabilitation for a front leg injury. During Remy’s rehabilitation, I met Sheila Wells, owner of Wellsprings K9. She suggested that I learn small animal massage. I studied at the Northwest School of Animal Massage and received my Small Animal Massage Practitioner license (SAMP). After the completion of a mentorship under Sheila Wells, I started working for her at Wellsprings K9, in both small animal hydrotherapy and massage. Fourteen years later, I continue to do this rewarding work at Wellsprings K9.

Over the years, I have witnessed how much massage has assisted in the recovery of dogs, cats, and other creatures.

Massage helps stimulate the healing process; it increases circulation and helps reduce the build-up of muscle adhesions and toxins while supplying cells with healthy nutrients and fluids. Massage helps reduce pain from movement in animals recovering from injuries or elderly animals that are starting to suffer from sore joints, muscle loss, and other pains. Massage is also a great stress reliever for animals. Mental and physical anxiety can be reduced, with the gentle touch of massage, with lasting effects. Upon request, I also incorporate PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) into the massage session. I use the Swiss made “Swiss Bionic iMRS 2000” mat. Laying on this mat increases electromagnetic pulses inthe body, it allows for faster healing, aids in quicker recovery of cells,stronger bones, nerve and tissue regeneration, better circulation, and has so many more wonderful healing effects.

FDA approved. Youtube has many PEMF testimonials. PEMF therapy was initially developed for NASA to treat astronauts.


  • 30 minute massage- $65
  • 30 minute massage plus PEMF- $75
  • 30 minute PEMF alone- $30
  • 60 minute massage- $90
  • 60 minute massage plus PEMF- $100
  • 60 minutes PEMF alone- $60
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